Largest Libraries In The World

1. Library of Congress.
Washington DC, USA
Founded in 1800, this library stocks over 29 million books.
2. Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
St. Petersburg, Russia
Founded in 1714, this library stocks over 20 million books.
3. National Library of Canada.
Ottawa, Canada
Founded in 1953, this library stocks over 18.8 million books.
4. British Library.
London, England
Founded in 1753, this library stocks over 16 million books.
5. National Library of China.
Beijing, China
Founded in 1909, this library stocks over 22 million books.
6. Deutsche Biblothek.
Frankfurt, Germany
Founded in 1990, this library stocks over 18.5 million books.
7. Vernadsky National Scientific Library of Ukraine.
Kiev, Ukraine
Founded in 1919, this library stocks over 13 million books.
8. New York Public Library.
New York City, NY, USA
Founded in 1895, this library stocks over 11 million books.
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