Most Famous Athletes of 2009

1. Kobe Bryant: The best basketball player in the world. Bryant won MVP, followed by a gold medal in the Olympics, and an NBA Championship in 2009. Fun Fact: Kobe Bryant is bigger in China than Yao.
2. Michael Phelps: Not too popular after the whole marijuana incident. However you can't dislike the guy. Set a record with most gold medals won at the 2008 Olympics.
3. Usain Bolt: The fastest man ever, recently set several world records.
4. John Cena
5. Rafael Nadal: Currently the 2nd ranked tennis player in the world. Has won 6 Grand-Slam titles.
6. Tiger Woods: He is the greatest golfer of all time. Makes more money off endorsements than any other athlete.
7. Adrian Peterson is the best running back ever
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