The Worst Nickelodeon TV Shows

1. The Mighty Bee
Half the characters are annoying and the rest of them are annoying snobs, and the plots gross me out in so many ways.
2. Mr.Meaty
A gross show with boring plots and puppets for characters! PUPPETS!!! Who uses puppets anymore!!!!
3. The Tuesdays
Spend 30 seconds watching this and see if you can still remember the point of anything in this show!
4. My life as a Teenage Robot
A good show, but they spent millions on it and then found out the show's getting canned. I feel sorry for the poor sap who shelled out big bucks for merchandise.
5. Invader Zim
I personally love this show, but the was it's cancelled and re-runned and re-released so much, even the die-hard fans can't figure out why to watch it anymore.
6. Back at the Barnyard
A big flop that ruined a great movie!
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