Top 10 Anime Weapons

1. Zanpakuto
Anime: Bleach.

Description: A Zanpakuto­ (soul-cutter sword) is the main weapon of the Shinigami, the Arrancar and the Vizard.

Reason: Zanpakuto­ are living swords (and other blades), i think this is enough reason.
2. Tsubaki
Anime: Soul Eater.

Description: Nakatsukasa Tsubaki, the Demon Weapon, is Black Star's partner.

Reason: She can change into multiple ninja weapons, including the kusarigama (the coolest), shuriken, smoke bomb, the uncanny sword, ninja sword and Dummy Star. And she's hot.
3. Gundam Suit
Anime: New Mobile Report Gundam W (or Mobile Suit Gundam Wing).

Description: Constructed from a rare and astonishingly durable material known as Gundanium alloy (which can only be created in outer space), gundams are extremely advanced giant mechanical suits.

Reason: Four words: Giant robots from space.
4. Snake Weapon
Anime: One Piece.

Description: All the Kuja own snakes which can be used as weapons.

Reason: The way they use the snakes is just funny.
5. Kunai
Anime: Naruto.

Description: It's a black dagger designed for thrusting and stabbing, though it can still do damage if thrown, and is about the length of one's hand.

Reason: Kunai are just cool, can be used for assassination, imobilization and climbing, and can even be summoned in Naruto.
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